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Fall 2024! 

December 07,  10am-3pm

@ the University Plaza  Convention Center

           Dec 06  Rally night

           Dec 07  Showcase Day!

Introducing the YES Performing Arts Stage and Art Gallery! 

To display your art or perform click HERE.

At the Young Entrepreneurs Showcase we believe all people have the capacity to create and contribute to their world.  Business is one of the most significant ways any of us can affect change for the good in our community. Learning the skills of an entrepreneur empower kids and young adults to learn the “in’s and out’s” of business so they become great employees or business owners of their own.

If we, as a community, take the time and resources to invest in our youth we can change a generation. We at Living Adventure Inc. provide our community, donors and volunteers the opportunity to invest in the next generation, through empowering educational opportunities.

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What to Expect

Shoppers can expect to find custom bath products, foods, jewelry, salon services, woodworking, pet products and much more! You are encouraged to bring cash as not all businesses will be set up to accept credit card.  When shoppers arrive they will receive a map of the Showcase and their tickets to vote for Best Business, Most Creative, Best Customer Service. 


What's for Sale?
Just a few businesses you might see at the showcase.


Thank you to our  spring 2023 Showcase sponsors!

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