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What participants learn?

Learning Business

Prior to the Showcase students will create their business plan and show their comprehension in 4 areas of business:

     The Business Plan

     Marketing/Customer Service

     The Paperwork (Taxes, Licenses, Law)

     The Money (Management and Profit)


The Business Plan


Students will develop a business plan.  Younger students will explore filling in the business model canvas and defining their key elements of their business including these areas;

     Customer Segments: Who will buy your product or service?

     Customer Relationships: How will you reach your customer?     

     Channels: How will you sell your product or service?

     Revenue Streams: How will you make money?

     Key Activities: What are the main things you need to be doing?

     Key Resources: What do you need to make it happen?

     Key Partners: What partnerships do you need to make it happen?

     Cost Structure: How do you measure profit and success?

     Value Proposition:  What is your unique Solution?


Advanced students will utilize the Business Model Canvas to develop a more detailed business plan that can be used to present their plan to potential investors and partners.

Financial and Legal Literacy

Students are introduced to the basic ideas of required licenses and how to properly structure a business to protect themselves and customers. They also discuss taxes and learn how and when it is appropriate to pay sales tax.


Advanced students will learn about the difference in LLC’s, Corporate Structures and DBA’s.  Advanced students also learn about insurance, liability, copyrights and



*Every business applies for and receives a business license.

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Customer Service and Marketing

kid hard hat.jpg

Students learn the importance of customer service and are introduced to a few customer services models.  They are given the opportunity to

practice their customer service skills on one another. Advanced students develop a customer model to train others who may be representing them. 


Students will develop a marketing strategy detailing marketing Channels including social media, traditional marketing, gorilla marketing, etc…. They will spend time on the

creation of marketing material and budget.

The Pitch

This is an opportunity for students to present their “elevator pitch” to peers and mentors.  We are looking for “listening ears” who will offer constructive feedback and encouragement to participants. 

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Thank you to our  spring 2023 Showcase sponsors!

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